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Community Projects

Feel free to contact our office to reserve a seat at one of our upcoming events, or learn more about how to get involved.

Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)

Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)

The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a project recently initiated in Renfrew and Lanark Counties to strengthen the role of local communities in integrating and serving newcomer populations.  The LIP Council acts as a community advisory body lending direction to the development and execution of an Immigration Settlement and Integration Strategic Plan that will help improve recruitment, retention and way-of-life to newcomers in this area.

Throughout the strategic planning stages of the initiative (April 2011-March 2012), the LIP worked closely with local organizations, service providers and individuals to develop a viable plan to retain the newcomer population already in Renfrew and Lanark Counties.  As a result, the Rural Mosaic: Building on Strengths & Seizing Opportunities strategic plan was developed, which was officially launched and released to the public on March 30, 2012.

For more information on our initiative, upcoming events, or to get involved, please contact us at:

(613) 735-4308 ext 2878 Natasha Lacelle, Project Officer
(613) 735-4308 ext 2882  Chéla Breckon, Project Manager



Click on the image below to download the PDF version of The Rural Mosaic.



 The Rural Mosaic