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Employer One Survey


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From September 2017 through to January 2018, the LMG is engaging with local employers through the Employer One Survey initiated by The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The survey provides an important opportunity to gather comprehensive and detailed workforce data from every range of industry within Renfrew and Lanark Counties. The survey serves as a vehicle for the employer community to express their needs on a range of HR issues, such as labour turnover, hard to fill positions, recruitment difficulties, current and future skills shortages, as well as issues in training and education practices. 

The results of the Employer One Survey are intended to provide a better understanding of employer occupational and skills requirements to inform job search and employment decision making. Additionally, the results of the survey can inform professional development and training courses that directly relate to the local labour market demand as identified by employers. A report summarizing the data gathered in Renfrew and Lanark Counties will be made available in March 2018.