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Community Projects

Feel free to contact our office to reserve a seat at one of our upcoming events, or learn more about how to get involved.

Community Projects (2008 - 2009)

Community Consultation
Community Consultation

Working Towards the Future Youth Event
The Working Towards the Future youth event brought together students, employers and employment support agencies in exciting workshops that covered financial health, soft skills, entrepreneurship and local employment opportunities.

 Youth Event


Guest Speaker: Stu Saunders

April 2008 and February 2009 in Smiths Falls, Renfrew and Pembroke.  

The Grow Your Business Workshops
This workshop was aimed at small and medium business owners in Renfrew and Lanark Counties. Guest speakers addressed essential strategies for business expansion in our region.

Jay McLaren Suzanne Dodge
Jay Mclaren Suzanne Dodge

Professor of Business
Algonquin College

Town of Prescott

November 2008 in Smiths Falls and Pembroke.

The Motivation and Retention Strategies Workshops
This workshop was aimed at all businesses with the goal of teaching how to motivate and retain employees. Human Resources personnel and business leaders from all sectors benefited from this valuable information.

Jay McLaren MC Lessard
Jay Mclaren MC Lessard

Professor of Business
Algonquin College

PeoplePower BASICS

February 2009 in Smiths Falls and Renfrew.  

Making Cent$ of Literacy Booklet

The Making Cent$ of Literacy Booklet was produced for both Renfrew and Lanark Counties. This tool raises employer awareness of what literacy and basic skills upgrading opportunities are available to their employees. 

Making Cent$ of Literacy Renfrew County Making Cent$ of Literacy Lanark County
Making Cent$ of Literacy Renfrew County Making Cent$ of Literacy Lanark County

Job Finder's Guide

 A job seeking tool was developed to help the 1,400 individuals who faced layoffs in Smiths Falls. This tool contains useful information about what essential skills upgrading and employment opportunities are available within the region. Included are interview tips, useful website links and a list of the region’s major employers.  

Job Finder's Guide